A Day In The Life Of A Boarding School Student

By: Catherine He

Understanding that boarding school is a pretty unique experience for any teenager, I decided to blog a day in my life at school. I hope you enjoy a day in my life!

7:30 AM

At 7:30 am, my alarm clock goes off. My two roommates are never up this early, so I have to be quiet as I get out of bed and get ready for the day. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and get myself dressed into some comfy clothing before making my way to the dining hall.

Guess I overslept a little bit…

8 AM

At 8:00, I walk to The Great Hall. I meet some of my friends outside, and we grab breakfast together. There’s always lots of options to choose from, such as bacon, orange juice, pancakes, fresh fruit, yogurt, and croissants.

French toast, bacon, lime yogurt, milk, apple slices, and a green apple!

8:30 AM

After having breakfast, I return to my boarding house and get dressed into my school uniform. I finish some extra work that I need for the coming school day and converse with my roommates about some very random ideas. When I am finished, I begin walking to my first class of the day.

9:15 AM

The school bell chimes as the clock moves to 9:15; the start of a new school day and the beginning of the first class. This year, I am taking geography, business, music, English, physical education, mathematics, French, and science.

Everything is fine and dandy until you realize…that’s a cheek cell.

12:05 AM

By this time in the day, I am famished and ready for lunch. I usually find some friends and eat as quickly as possible before returning back to my dorm room to complete some unfinished homework. Sometimes during lunch, we have clubs or advisory, which is a house grade-group get-together in which we discuss some helpful skills for success and etc.

1:00 PM

The second half of the academic day begins at 1:00. The lunch break really helps to to refresh your mind and prepare for more classes.

4:20 PM

The best time of the entire day: the completion of the academic day. I will always grab a small snack from the dining hall, walk back to my dorm, hang out with my roommates for a little, and get ready for afternoon sports: for me, it’s badminton. This term, it isn’t a competitive sport, but it’s still really fun to get some excess energy out with an hour of badminton, starting at 4:45.

5:45 PM

After sports, it’s time for the best meal of the day: dinner. The dining hall only provides dessert at dinner, and it’s often something delicious, like cupcakes or brownies. On top of that, the hot options during dinner are unrivalled. My personal favourite has always been roast beef and mashed potatoes.

6:15 PM

By this time, I am walking back to my dorm room. I usually take a shower and get ready for evening study – sometime I’ll start on homework during this time if I have a lot to do.

7:30 PM

Evening study starts at 7:30 PM every night, with the exception of Friday and the weekend. It is two hours of time put aside solely for academics after school. You have the choice of getting extra help from your teachers in the school building, or just sitting in your room and studying. Using evening study time for more productive things than watching cat videos is something that every boarding school student needs to learn quickly.

French test studying!

9:30 PM

After evening study, I like going to the dining hall with my friends for evening snack. It’s usually hot chocolate and cookies, which is really nice during the cold and windy winters on campus. Evening snack is a time to relax, unwind, and catch up with friends, especially those I don’t see that often.

10:00 PM

10:00 is curfew for all students. It is mandatory that we are back in the house by this time and check in with the supervisor on duty. We then get ready for bed, and get some rest before another busy day!

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