The Screen Disease

Every morning I wake,

To screens, instead of sun.

To the whir, of a computer waking,

Instead of the stir, of sleepy roommates.

Long gone are the good old days,

Where the biggest concern was, being comfortable with yourself.

Roughly shaved away by,

As if it was sandpaper,

Smoothing over issues long gone unnoticed.

It escalated quickly, from something small.

As I quietly played crescendos at the piano.

Began attacks

Livelihoods shut,

But only spoken was stocks and cuts.

Everything became a blur from then on.

We stopped eating at the restaurant,

My brother and I.

Confined to the walls of our home

In fear, of what was waiting for us, 


But it followed us, no matter where we were.

Screens are something powerful.

They connect,

Pieces upon pieces, 

But can also break up into a thousand little shards,

If you hit them hard enough.

They want that connection,

Oh I love being connected

Not caring enough

To keep, that relation.

Ease, in getting trapped.

Infectious, this disease.

Wherever you scroll

The Chinese virus?



Through the screen.


By the trend.

Between us,

What really is the virus?

Screens break easy. 

They’re just glass after all.

They can take a hit.

Maybe two, maybe three.

But at a certain point,

Salvation is futile.

And so its’ given up.

Thrown away.


But not really.

After all,

The fragments remain.

The news.

Something my parents told me to look more at.

So I did.

I checked the news everyday,

For the headlines of despair.

My grandmas assaulted

My grandpas, closing their restaurants beloved.

We’re not related by blood

But in spirit,

We remain united.

In the consequences,

Of the hate they give.

My mind wanders sometimes,

Just before sleep.

Could it have happened to me?


Sisters and brothers,

Suffering, of misinformation.

“Be grateful it isn’t you.”

They’re scared.

But they still party.

Just blame it on us the next day.

“Oh my god, I tested positive!”

The news spits.

It hates.

It discriminates.

It never appreciates.

Negativity spreads like wildfire.

Through screen, I mean.

As I sit alone,

Collecting my thoughts,

Of families like mine,

Torn apart.

Luxuries sold.

Empty chairs

At the dinner table.

Of course, they wouldn’t care.

Convenience is key.

You’re okay,

If they love you.

They’ll continue posting,

Their dreams

Of being anywhere else.

And look down upon you.

Like the virus you always have been.

They long for the sun again.

Beaches and friends,

That you took from them?

A slap in the face,

With their words.

‘Save the dogs’

I bet that’s a campaign.

It makes you wonder, why?

You’re disappointed.

You’re suffering too.

You never see anyone these days.

Your essentials to reevaluate.

And yet,

You are to blame?

You long to escape.

Away from the screens.

Somewhere negativity,

Cannot penetrate.

Somewhere your heart stops aching,

For the alarming rates




To see the sunshine again.

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