10 Sustainable Clothing and Jewelry Brands You Need to Buy From in 2021

By: Madison Duke

Let’s face it: being eco-friendly is easier said than done. With unsustainable practices ingrained into our daily lifestyles through online shopping packaging and grocery store bags, being extremely considerate of the environment can be difficult. But it does not have to be this way any longer! In recent years, sustainable fashion brands have been on the rise to meet the growing consumer demand for good practices, which will undoubtedly make things easier for us!

Sustainability is becoming essential to successful businesses in 2021, and as consumers, we are constantly purchasing clothing and accessories to follow the latest trends and be satisfied with what we wear. As a result, more fashion industries and brands are finding ways to make their clothing aesthetic and beneficial to the environment rather than continue contributing to the problem. To celebrate our 2021 Environmental Week and Plastic-Free July, here are ten sustainable clothing/jewelry brands to buy from!

1. Veja

In Paris, France a passerby wears Veja sneakers shoes, on June 15, 2020. Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Finding sustainable shoes is already a tricky task, but finding a pair that suits your needs and style is an even more significant challenge. But do not fear! Veja offers a wide range of shoes ranging from sneakers to running shoes for kids, men, and women. Not only is Veja one of the first sneaker brands to make their shoes out of recycled plastic bottles, but they are working towards creating vegan leather shoes, leading to a more sustainable future. Knowing this, a purchase from Veja is sure to leave you satisfied in more ways than one!

2. Après Sunday

Après Sunday. Lurk

Après Sunday, a brand based in the UK, believes in putting our planet first, which can be seen with their line of sustainable loungewear. Offering les vêtements made from 100% cotton and using biodegradable dye, Après Sunday provides a vintage feel and European look with comfortable pieces perfect for cozying up on the couch or wearing out; whatever floats your boat.

3. Mate the Label

Mate the Label. Walk the Talk

Mate the Label creates eco-friendly clothing by using non-toxic dyes and organic materials. On top of using a recycling method that takes back your old garments from Mate the Label, they go on to re-use those pieces to create new attire and products. As if it couldn’t get better, the LA brand is run by powerful women, and is focused on making clothing for women of all sizes while ensuring confidence and comfort isn’t compromised. A perfect option for, well, anyone!

4. Nu-In

Nu-In: Fashion Driven by Sustainability. Holrmagazine

If you’re looking for chic and luxurious clothes that are worth every cent, we’re happy to say we have ended your strenuous search! Nu-In is a sustainably-driven company, partnering with factories that hold the same eco-friendly values. Ensuring their workers and team members are treated with respect and equality alongside providing a safe work environment, each piece is fabricated with organic, recycled, regenerated materials to help give back to our planet. You’re welcome!

5. Chnge

Meet CHNGE: The ethical clothing brand set out to impact the world. Forbes

Looking to spread their message and advocating for social impact, Chnge has several lead causes, with saving our environment being one at the forefront. Chnge is committed to ensuring carbon neutrality thorugh making every item 100% carbon neutral. The brand has protected over 265,935 trees from facing deforestation, and boasts 100% recyclable post-consumer packaging. On top of their impressive social mission, Chnge has raised $411,230 to be given back to 22 organizations. This brand is perfect for the vigilant consumer!

6. Omi Woods

Reviewed: Why fashion girls love Omi Woods. Who What Wear

Incorporating culture and sustainability together, Omi Woods is a handmade jewelry brand that uses conflict-free fine metals such as gold vermeil, solid gold, and sterling silver. With a firm belief in paying their workers fairly, all of their pieces are made from fair-trade African gold, extracted from artisanal mines that pay fair wages to the miners and support their wellbeing. Omi Woods brings African culture to everyday jewelry with a stellar meaning!

7. Mejuri

Mejuri New Bridal & Diamond Jewelry Collections. HYPEBAE

Mejuri offers jewelry for everyday wear as well as special occasions, ranging from rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. Mejuri is the perfect sustainable brand for a variety of looks. Being conscious of the environmental supply chain impacts, this fabulous brand finds a balance between using recycled and fairly mined materials in its efforts to save our world. Time for a little jewelry shopping!

8. Catbird

Catbird is a women-owned and operated business striving to keep their products 100% sustainable. The brand minimizes the number of intermediaries in the supply chain by using a mix of recycled metal and ethical materials. Impressively, this brand only uses clean electric equipment to create their products. Hoping to have even more of an impact, the Catbird Giving Fund donates 1% of its sales to non-profit organizations following the same sustainable beliefs!

9. Aurate

If you’re looking to complement your sustainable clothing with even more sustainable items for that complete look, Aurate has gorgeous jewelry to pair with any clothing item. Every piece of gold is 100% recycled and can be reused without losing quality. Not only is this New York brand giving back to their community, but they harvest their pearls from family-run farms to protect the marine environment! Isn’t that unique?

10. Able

For starters, this female-run brand gives opportunities to women who have faced adversity and challenges, an admirable way of conducting business. Able acknowledges the environmental impact that the jewelry market brings, which prompted them to use 100% recyclable packaging, and turn to more natural solutions like scrap metal and natural chemicals. This brand not only works to make stunning jewelry that anyone would love to add to their collections, but encourages and works toward social and environmental change. Is someone willing to lend me $20?

Which of these sustainable clothing or jewelry brands will you be making your next purchase at? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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