General Leadership

Catherine He

Catherine is a 16-year-old tri-nationality author currently living in Ontario, Canada! She originally created The Cajor to publish her thoughts into the world, but it eventually became a large-scale passion project. She uses her writing to inform others and express herself through the thing she wields best: words. When she’s not trying to crack website code or writing the latest article, Catherine can be found playing her favourite songs on the piano or engrossed in a novel. As the founder and editor-in-chief of The Cajor, Catherine hopes to make a positive difference in the world through truth and diversity.

Jordan He

Jordan is a student currently living in Ontario, Canada, and is the assistant head and the director of web and technology! In his spare time, he enjoys reading, eating pickles, and sitting back to relax. He is also proficient in classical piano, and is currently working towards his level 6 certification. While Jordan is knowledgeable in English, Mandarin, and some French, he would like to learn more languages. By being a part of The Cajor, he hopes to help others and learn more about diversity and its importance in our society!

Article Authors

Haillie M.

Haillie is a 17-year-old currently studying Philosophy and writing at the University of Toronto. She can usually be found working on her novel, doodling, or saving clothes to a number of already lengthy online wishlists. She enjoys researching Black and queer issues, and plans to focus on spreading awareness on these topics this summer as an Article Author for The Cajor!

Amy Lu

Amy is a 15-year-old author living in Canada. Since first reading the Magic Tree House series in grade 3, Amy has grown a love of literature that spans from fiction fantasy, including A Song of Ice and Fire, to the classics, like Anne of Green Gables. These stories give her motivation and have encouraged her to publish her own writing. Although Amy believes that silence is ideal for reading and working, she enjoys exploring musical genres. Amy will write the truth and reality in engaging pieces for you to read.

Madison Duke

Madison is a 15-year-old Canadian author. Her passion for writing began at a young age by creating short stories and writing poetry. In addition to her desire to write, Madison has many hobbies such as playing the guitar and reading classic novels. She hopes to reach others and share her life experiences through her writing and making a difference through her perspective on social issues both within her community and globally. Working as an article author for the Cajor, she hopes to further develop her writing skills and educate herself on world issues whilst sharing her personal view.

Graphic Design

Riva Sun

Riva is a 15-year-old American of Chinese descent living in Canada. She’s always enjoyed various forms of art and hopes that she’ll grow as a designer while at The Cajor. Riva enjoys swimming and is a strong team player, which comes from her time spent in multiple school teams. During her free time, you can find her tending to her garden or hiking with her sister. As a graphic designer for The Cajor, Riva aims to bring awareness to a diverse range of topics, from local movements to issues all over the globe.

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